Why walk when you can run,
Why run when you can LEAP


Fundamental research in signal processing, machine learning, deep learning, speech processing, auditory neuroscience.

Projects for Prospective Research Students July 2017


Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Room C328 and A207
+91 80 2293 2362

Recent Updates

  • Sept. 2017
    Congratulations to the LEAP Team (Ansari, Rajath and Sonali) for podium finish (3rd place) in Zerospeech 2017 Challenge and the acceptance of two papers in IEEE ASRU conference.

  • August 2017:
    Sriram Ganapathy receives the Prathiksha Young Investigator Award. Thanks to Prathiksha Trust.

  • August 2017:
    Congratulations to Purvi for JASA paper and internship at Sony Labs, Tokyo.

  • August 2017:
    Anurenjan P. and Prachi S. join LEAP lab for pursuing their PhD.

  • July 2017:
    C.R. Madhavan, Madhumita H., Shobana G. and Vaishnavi Y. join as project assistant in LEAP lab.

  • July 2017:
    LEAP lab with Dr. Preethi Jyothi (IITB) wins the Microsoft Research - Automatic Social Intelligence best workshop award.